Who is behind it?

About Elke

Elke Hofmann is a power woman through and through.

The camera is her friend and television is her family. Well, not quite - in real life the likeable TV presenter is a passionate, thoroughbred mom. “Leni” turned the native American's life upside down - in a positive sense. The combination of a power woman through and through and a passionate mom led to exactly this: the virtual after-school care center. From a very uncertain and nerve-wracking situation for parents all over Germany, the idea of a virtual meeting place for children was born. Fun and games were combined with relevant cross-curricular topics. The show must go on; For mums, dads and their offspring: If not outside the door or on the school desk - then virtually. In the virtual after-school care center.

About Maria

Childcare as a passion

Niki's Kinderclub - child care and event organization - is on the move all over Germany and knows everything about “kids and their preferences”. The symbiosis of the power mom Elke Hofmann & Niki's Kinderclub owner Maria Köster led to the idea of virtual childcare with a focus on tutoring in times of the Corona crisis. The project aims to encourage children from elementary school to upper school not only with learning techniques, but also their creativity. Boredom caused by curfews and quarantine are a thing of the past with the virtual after-school care center. In addition, a very important factor for this idea was: to promote the independence of the children and the independence of the parents. We want to help by relieving parents and looking after the children in a virtual, interactive and individual manner.

About Alex

Entrepreneur & Author

The virtual after-school care center is supported by the founder of the Maedelsnetzwerk and book author Alexandra Melendez . With her creative streak and know-how in social media marketing, she will look after the virtual after-school care center on all social channels.

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